Comparative and Superlative


Comparative Adjectives are used to compare 2 subjects:  A __than___ B

For small adjectives we use ER together with it. For example:

Small   Smaller

Cheap  Cheaper

Tall      Taller

Close   Closer (note that we don’t need to use another E when the adjective ends with it)

But, when the adjective is monosyllable CVC (consonant-vowel-consonant) we double the last consonant. For example:

Fat       Fatter

Big      Bigger

And, when the adjective ends with Y after a consonant we must replace Y for I. For example:

Easy    Easier

For big adjectives we use MORE before it, without changing the adjective. For example:

Beautiful         More Beautiful          or         LESS Beautiful

Expensive       More Expensive

Interesting      More Interesting

We use THAN after the adjectives, small or big, to make the comparison in the same sentence. For example:

A                                      B

My house is bigger than your house

A                             B

My car is faster than his car


A                                          B

My car is beautiful. Yes, but my car is more beautiful.



Superlative Adjectives are used when we want to indicate Superiority:

The rules are the same of Comparative Adjectives, but we must always use THE before the adjectives. For small adjectives we use EST instead of ER. For example:

Small   The Smallest

Big      The Biggest

Easy    The easiest

And, for big adjectives we use THE MOST. For example:

Expensive       The Most Expensive  or         THE LEAST Expensive

Difficult          The Most Difficult


João is 13, Maria is 12, Marcos is 10, Roger is 15 and Sandra is 14.


Maria is older than Marcos.

Marcos is younger than Sandra

Roger is the oldest in class

Marcos is the youngest in class.



Adj.               Comp.             Superl.

Good              Better              The Best

Bad                 Worse             The Worst

Far                 Farther           The Furthest

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