Language Structure

Affirmative – Subj. + (aux) + verb…

I work….                      I worked…                            I will work….


Negative – Subj. + aux + not + verb

I do not (don’t) work                     I did not (didn’t) work

I will not (won’t) work


Interrogative – Wh (if necessary) + aux + subj. + verb (not always)?

What do you work?    What did you work?  When will you work?

Do you work?

Remember: If you need to know any specific information such as – que cor / que horas / que empresa / quantos filhos….. you should put together with WH, for example:

What colour  do   you   like?                  What company do    you   work?

WH       inf.    aux   subj   verb                  WH      inf.         aux   subj   verb



What – O que / Qual

Where – Onde / Aonde

When – Quando

Why – Por que (remember “porque” na resposta é because)

Who – Quem

How – Como

How much – quanto (incontáveis)

How many – quantos (contáveis)

How old – quantos anos

How often – com que freqüência

How + adjs

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