As preposições AT, IN, ON causam muita confusão entre os Brasileiros.

Então vamos ver o uso dessas preposições quando precisar dizer (no, na, nos, nas, em, às):



  1. for places in general (e.g. I work at …; I stayed at home; I’m at the bus stop) but, I go towork by bus
  2. telling time (e.g. I start work at 08:00; I have dinner at 09:00pm) but, “what time is it?” “it’s5:00″
  3. full address (e.g. I live at 885 Rui Barbosa Av.)


  1. inside (e.g. I’m in my house now; the CD is in the box; we’re in the class)
  2. neighbourhood (e.g. I live in Santa Felicidade)
  3. city (e.g. I live in Santos) but, I go to Santos every month
  4. country (e.g. I live in Brazil) but, I’m from Brazil; I’m going to France next month
  5. only year (e.g. I was born in 1971)
  6. only month (e.g. I was born in July) but, I was born on July 13th


  1. touching the surface (e.g. the book is on the table; the picture is on the wall)
  2. inside public transportation (e.g. I’m on a bus; You can’t use your mobile phone on a plane)
  3. days of week (e.g. I study English only on Fridays; the meeting is on Tuesday)
  4. only street name (e.g. I live on Rui Barbosa Av.)
  5. days (e.g. I was born on the 13th)
  6. dates (e.g. I was born on the 13th of July 1971; the company was founded on May 01st)
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