Presentations and Talks Tips

Preparing for your Presentations or Talks:

  • Develop outlines of the key points;
  • Focus on clarity;
  • Plan your time well;
  • Put background information or data on a separate hand-out;
  • Remember your listeners’ need – you may decide to stop and take a break;
  • Use visuals with little text, and avoid turning the lights off, especially after lunch;
  • Plan to arrive early and check your equipment;
  • Practice the presentation before, especially if it’s a group presentation.

Useful Presentations Phrases:

  • Today I’m going to talk about…..
  • First, I’d like to outline……, then I’ll focus on…., finally, I’ll go over….
  • If you don’t mind, we’ll leave any questions till the end.
  • I’ll say more about this later.
  • As you can see, this graph/diagram shows….
  • Sales/Profit rose/increased sharply/slightly last….
  • Unfortunately, they/it fell/decreased sharply/slightly last….
  • They/It remained/stayed the same last…..
  • Are there any questions?
  • I’m glad you asked me that.
  • That brings me to the end of my presentation.
  • Thank you for your attention.
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