Letter in English

The Start                                                                                     The Finish

– Dear Sir or Madam   (when you don’t know the name)              – Yours faithfully,

– Dear Mr./Ms. Silva   (formal)                                                      – Yours sincerely,

– Dear Mary Ann   (informal)                                                         – Yours truly,

The Reference

– With reference to your advertisement in the…

your letter of 25th April,….

your request,…..

The Reason for Writing

– I am writing to enquire about….

apologize for….


Requesting                                                                                  Agreeing to Requests

– Could you possibly….?                                                                – I would be delighted to….

– I would be grateful if you could…..

Giving Bad News                                                                         Enclosing Documents

– Unfortunately,…                                                                            – I am enclosing…

– I’m afraid that….                                                                            – Please find enclosed….

Closing Remarks

– Thank you for your help.

– Please contact us again if you have any questions.

we can help in any way.

Reference to Future Contact

– I look forward to hearing from  you soon.

meeting you next…

seeing you next week.

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