Travel Etiquette

– Know the habits of the country where you negotiate
– Follow the rhythm of your interlocutor
– If are among nobles act like a nobel, among the poor act with simplicity
– Be punctual
– Dress with discretion, looking fine. Suit and tie for men and tailleur or suit for women fit well into most situations
– Know how to apologize and be self-critical
– Produce well-written texts. E-mails, despite being fast communication, do not give you the right to make mistakes
– Always answer to phone calls and mail
– Be wise to choose the places where you deal with topics related to the company
– In business trips and social events, never forget you represent the company


– Swearing
– Chewing gums
– Talking in sunglasses
– Shaking other people’s hand with a loose hand
– Tapping on the back, showing excessive intimacy
– Making inconvenient questions about age, salary, etc.
– Drinking in business events, becoming inconvenient. It’s not recommended to mix alcohol and business
– Taking someone with you to hotel rooms in business trips on the company’s expenses
– Disclosing confidential company topics
– Disrespecting the habits of other cultures

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